Stat-A-Dyne WHFO

The Stat-A-Dyne WHFO is the most innovative wrist/hand finger device on the market. Providing full range of motion in both wrist and digit flexion and extension, the Stat-A-Dyne WHFO will benefit patients through comprehensive motion therapy. The Stat-A-Dyne WHFO allows for quick setup, is lightweight and easy to operate enhancing patient compliance.


  • Malleable spring leaf caterpillars allow for different ROM considerations to be addressed for each digit while observing clinical precautions and contraindications.
  • Static and/or dynamic tissue elongation therapy in one product
  • Custom cuffs for maximum soft tissue capture facilitating terminal end ROM
  • Dynamic mode (LLPS) may be used for soft to moderate end feels during long rest periods
  • Static Progressive mode (SPS) may be used to address moderate to hard end feels
  • Isolated capsular stretch
  • Long extrinsic flexor and extensor stretch
  • Intrinsic stretch